Wip of the night.


when people think I drew porn because I was horny

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Masquerade !
Every face a different shade … Masquerade !
Look around -
there’s another
mask behind you !


couple korrass scribs 
Ultima procrastination.The third generation in Nexcent with some twins X)

Two Princes(?) inspired by some 19th Century uniforms and royal portraits I saw a while back.
Art © ramida-r


don’t you ever just think something is unforgivably gross until the right characters come along

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Hey thanks buddy XD It’s a perfect meme for me ! Sooo here my top ten :

1. Mass Effect
2. Fire Emblem
3. Deus Ex : Human Revolution
4. Portal
5. Assassin’s Creed
6. The Banner Saga
7. Legend of Zelda
8. Dragon Age Origins
9. Valiants Hearts : The Great War
10. Red Dead Redemption

And if you want, I tag Poly, Selkys, Svantj, Rakiah, Rann, Evhell, Kira, Saniika, Saph-y, and Codaleia !

ALLRIGHT. With no order because is hard.

1- Mass Effect
2- Age of Empire 1 & 2
3- Theme Hospital
4- Final Fantasy VIII
5- Bioshock Infinite
6- Caesar III
7- The last of us
8- Oendan
9- Final Fantasy Theaterhythm
10- Theme Park

Yes, I’m fond of management games and rhythmic games.
And I tag Shams.

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Summer time…!

My dad begins Game of Thrones (tvshow)

Dad : Aaah it's good ! And lot of sex, the others series don't have so much. The blond douchebag who fucks the wife's king here...
Me : He's her twin brother.
Dad : ...Damn. The one who throws the kid by the window ? What is name er... Bran ! Haha that's fun ! And the others on the other side of the river, the blond dude and chick !
Me : .... The other side of the river ?
Dad : Yes, where the blond chick finally likes fucking with the mogolian dude and his ponytail !
Me : Omg you talk about Deanerys and Drogo !